Shady Acres Stock Dog Trial

This event features Border Collies doing what they were bred to do – herd livestock. 

In our trial, handlers use voice and whistle commands to work with the dogs to move a small group of sheep around an obstacle course. The trial course is intended to test dogs with work they would be expected to do on a working sheep farm. The dogs will gather the sheep, drive them away from the handler and, depending on the class, move the sheep across the field, and put the sheep in a pen. The most experienced dogs must separate the flock. These dogs are used the world over to herd sheep, cattle and other livestock.
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Paula McCaleb, practicing at Doc's

Middle Tennessee  •  *USBCHA sanctioned
Beth and Sweep
*The United States Border Collie Handler's Association, Inc. (USBCHA) is the sanctioning body for sheepdog and cattledog trials throughout the United States and Canada. It was founded in 1979 and has grown into an organization of more than 800 members. Members who qualify at sanctioned Open trials during the year are eligible to compete in the USBCHA National Sheepdog and Cattledog Finals to determine the champion Open dog and handler for that year. The USBCHA held the first National Cattledog Finals in 2001.
7th Annual
Shady Acres Stock Dog Trial
September 2nd - 3rd 2017 
Saturday & Sunday
Shady Acres Dorper Sheep
Steven & Paula McCaleb
2290 Bruce McCaleb Rd
Duck River, TN 38454
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